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Dr. Nicole MacLaren performs cataract surgery on a howler monkey
April 28, 2008
A first for VSCU doctors, this Monday our own Dr. Nicole Maclaren and her team performed a successful cataract surgery on Eli, a 10-year old howler monkey from Hogle Zoo. Before the operation Dr. MacLaren used ultrasound to measure the size of Eli’s eye to determine what size intraocular lens to inject and also determine that the back of the eye was healthy. During the operation, Dr. MacLaren used phacoemulsification and replaced his lenses with acrylic lenses typically used in humans. Eli was born at Hogle Zoo and has been nearly blind for most of his life. He is recovering nicely and can now see well. Zoo staff and his doctors will be closely monitoring his recovery and expect Eli to do quite well with his new found vision.

Watch the video here